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All of our cakes have 4 layers of sponge and 3 layers of filling. One-tier cakes are only one flavour. Multi-tiered cakes can have different flavoured tiers at no additional charge.



Classic vanilla bean sponge cake with a vanilla buttercream

Double Chocolate

Rich chocolate cake paired with a chocolate buttercream

Red Velvet

Classic buttermilk red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream

Birthday Cake

Our Vanilla cake is baked with colourful sprinkles & paired with vanilla buttercream.

Strawberry Short Cake

Soft layers of vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries & vanilla bean whip cream

Dulce De Leche

Moist vanilla cake layers filled with homemade dulce de leche & vanilla Bean whip cream

Cookies & Cream

Moist chocolate cake filled with Oreo buttercream and Oreo pieces

Nutella Dream

Soft Layers of Vanilla Cake with Nutella Cream & Bueno Chocolate Crumb

Lemon Rasberry Cake

Soft layers of lemon cake filled with raspberries & rasberrie vanilla bean whip cream

Banana Chocolate Chip                                                

Soft Layers of Banana Cake with 

Vanilla Cream & Chocolate